• Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

The Faculty of Regional Studies offers a variety of class subjects regarding science in general, including humanities, sociology, and natural environments for students to obtain extensive knowledge from comprehensive viewpoints. The curricula are also designed for students from the sophomore year to learn areas of individual interest and develop expertise. All students are required to pass our "social activity practicum" and "regional studies practicum" to deal with actual challenges in local communities, which enables them to acquire practical knowledge in line with reality. Throughout the four-year study period, we prepare and implement various distinctive educational plans, for example, by conducting small-group seminar education.

Double-feature of general education with specific subjects of faculty members

At the Faculty of Regional Studies, students learn general education subjects directed to all students at Gifu University mainly during their freshman and sophomore years, and thereafter, through class subjects that are uniquely designed by the Faculty of Regional Studies, the basic and advanced knowledge of a specialized field.

Initially learning a broad range of fields, then gradually narrowing to a particular interest

Students broadly learn various fields during the freshman year and first semester of sophomore year. From the second semester of sophomore year and thereafter, they develop expertise in areas of interest mainly by attending specialized seminars.

Ensuring small-group instruction and productive practical training

The university retains approximately 40 full-time faculty members per 100 or so students. We thoroughly practice small-group education. As our faculty name suggests, by focusing on collaboration with regional society, we aim for students to accurately understand local issues and obtain problem-solving skills through various experiences with practical training.