• Quick Guide of the Faculty of Regional Studies

Quick Guide of the Faculty of Regional Studies

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1. Cordial small-group education

  • Faculty members number approximately 40 per 100 or so students at each grade level.
  • We emphasize seminars, including the first year seminar in the first semester of freshman year, the basic seminar from the second semester of freshman year to the first semester of sophomore year, and the specialized seminar for graduate study and thesis writing from the second semester of sophomore year until graduation (with a maximum of four students per faculty member).
  • Students learn and conduct various activities in a more home-like atmosphere than that of high school.

2. Diverse and fruitful research and education

  • In addition to region-based research and education, our faculty covers many areas of specialization in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, enabling us to provide a wide educational scope. Therefore, we may be a replacement for other departments of literature, law, economics, and science to a certain degree, which is unique among national and public universities in Gifu Prefecture.
  • For those who cannot decide a major field of study by the age of 18, an opportunity is provided to select one from a wide variety of options after entering the university.

3. Outstanding employment rate

  • An employment rate* of over 90% of our graduates has continuously been achieved, even in the past economically depressed years, and employment "ice ages."
    (*The rate is the count of those employed divided by the number seeking employment.)
  • Approximately 60% of students obtain employment at a company, 30% become public officials, and 5% continue to graduate school.

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