• Graduate School Information

Graduate School Information

The Faculty of Regional Studies offers two concentrations at the graduate school level.

Policy Studies

(Policy Studies which investigates the formation of ecosystems and environmentally conscious recycling-oriented social systems primarily from the standpoint of social structure.)

The Policy Studies concentration cultivates the ability to realize regional policy through a comprehensive knowledge of various theories dealing with policymaking directed toward the natural environment of regions and the creation of environmentally conscious recycling-oriented societies.

Cultural Studies

(Culture Studies which examines the formation of human cultures and self-sufficient communities primarily from the perspective of social behavior. In order to attain the objectives of each concentration and to carry out systematic research, fields of study in overlapping areas are also offered.)

The Culture Studies concentration studies the formation of self-sufficient, cooperative social system and the corresponding norms and human behaviors of the system and cultivates in studeies the ability to apply research results to the benefit of the community.