• Undergraduate Curriculum (Figure)

Undergraduate Curriculum (Figure)

(As of July,2016)

CourseIndustry & City PlanningLocal Autonomy PolicyEnvironmental PolicyLifestyle & SocietyHumanity & CultureInternational Studies in Liberal Arts Course
(Japanese students)
International Studies in Liberal Arts Course
(Foreign students)
Basic Specialized
Introduction to Regional Studies / Practice in Social Activities / Advanced Foreign Language / Seminar for Freshers / Basic Seminar
Modern Economics Introduction to Law Mathematics I&Ⅱ Pedagogy & Psychology Philosophy Globalization
Economic Policy Constitutional Law Linear Algebra I&Ⅱ Modern Sociology Literature Philosophy
Geography Political Science Physics I Modern History Lingistics Constitutional Law
Chemistry I Physics I
Biology I
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Special Required
Econometrics Administrative Law Urban Environmental Engineering Sociology of Community & Region Founadation of Cultural Theories Introduction to Language and Society Foreign students in International
Studies in Liberal Arts Course
can select the four classes below
addition to the nine classes
that Japanese students can select.
Japanese Economy Public Finance Enviromental Physics I Social Research Methods I Social Philosophy Studies in American Culture
Economic Geography Regional Planning Chemical Experiment Social Research Methods II Language & Culture Modern Thought
Regional Economy Civil Law Physics II Regional History Sociolinguistics Social Research Methods I
Social Policy National Land Development Biology II Basics of Social Welfare Japanese Culture Cultural Anthropology
Regional Analysis  Social Policy Cultural Anthropology Asian Cultures Japanese Culture Japanese Culture and Representation
Regional Development Social Philosophy Media Studies European Cultures Linguistic Semantics Contemporary Japanese Society
Chemical Exepriment Modernization and Japanese
Social Policy Regional Culture in Gifu
Special Elective
International Political Economy Regional Development Applied Analysis Human Development Intoroduction to Language and Sociesty Japanese Economy
Cooperative Organization Corporative Law Mathematical Programming Bioethics History of Cultural Thoughts Studies in Regional Industry
Consumer Economics Criminal Law Theory of Differential Equation Social Policy Scientific Thoughts International Political Economy
Business Theories Court Law Physics III Social Security Environmental Thoughts Comparative Economy Systems
Business Administration Enviromental Law Phisical Chemistry Local Welfare theories Cultural Anthropology Regional Planning
Accounting Labor Law Exercise for Chemistry Welfare Theories in Life American Cultures Civil Law
Marketing Public Administration Plant Ecology Social Welfare Theories Aspects of Regional Cultures International Relations
Finance Local Autonomy Law Animal Ecology Welfare Theories for the Aged Cultures in Society Mathematics I
Studies in Regional Industry Political Process Conservation Ecology I Welfare Theories for the Handicapped Theories of Cultural Reception Linear Algebra I
Comparative Economy Systems International Relations Conservation Ecology II Child Welfare Theories Cultural Interpretation Biology I
Labor Economics Local Public Finance Living Environment and Residents Behavior Health Education Studies in Cultural Rpresentation Inferential Statistics
Labor Sociology Local Autonomy Measurement and Evalution of Environment Enviromental Education Cross-Cultural Studies Descriptive Statistics
Public Economics Urban Plannning System Engineering Enviromental Sociology Literary Theories Physics II
Environmental Economics Introduction to Transportation Planning Enviromantal Physics II Community Studies Communication Studies Biology II
Political Economy Social Capital Enviromantal Physics III Journalism Studies Linguistic Semantics Exercise for Chemistry
Geographical Information Systems Geographical Information System Family Sociology Theories of Language Comprehension Living Environment and Residents Behavior
Regional Promotion Regional Development Gender Studies Human Communication and Behavior Measurement and Evaluation of Environment
Rural Development Studeis in Regional Industry Labor Sociology  Philology Social Research Methods II
Public Finance Labor Economics Local Autonomy Museum Studies Media Studies
Regional Planning Public Economics Communication Studies American Cultures Community Studies
National Land Development Environmental Economics History of Cultural Thoughts Modern Thought Gender Studies
Local Public Finance Sociology of Community & Region Philology Liguistic Semantics Social Philosophy
Local Autonomy Basics of Social Welfare Museum Studies Language and Culture
Introduction to Transportation Planning Social Security Introduction to Language and Society Sociolinguistics
Social Capital Environmental Sociology American Cultures Asian Cultures
European Cultures
Theories of Cultural Reception
Theories of Language Comprehension
Cross-Cultural Studies
Field Studies / Seminar for Juniors and Seniors / Thesis Research for Seniors
Others Studying Abroad Studying Japanese Culture