• Program of International Studies in Liberal Arts

Program of International Studies in Liberal Arts

1. Outline and Objectives of the Program

The Program of International Studies in Liberal Arts has been established. In today's global community, which has many positive aspects but also many problems, there is a real need for the wide-ranging learning and ability to understand not only one's own culture but also other cultures that a liberal arts education can provide. The purpose of this program is for Japanese students to gain an understanding of other cultures through overseas study, etc., while non-Japanese students can deepen their knowledge of Japanese language and culture through intensive learning, and cultivate a "glocal" sensibility.

2.Special Features of the Curriculum

(1) In principle, Japanese students will be required to spend a period of one year (from the second half of their second year through to the first half of their third year) studying overseas at one of the foreign universities with which Gifu University has signed an academic exchange agreement. New classes will be arranged to help Japanese students strengthen their practical foreign language skills prior to studying overseas.

(2) It is intended that non-Japanese students will have priority for places on several classes in the course of Japanese Language & Culture Studies provided by the University's International Student Center.

(3) Except for the period during which Japanese students are studying overseas, the Japanese students and non-Japanese students will follow the same shared multicultural curriculum.